Monday, 27 August 2012

BLOG: New Layout!

I've been working on tweaking my layout for quite some time now to make it more user friendly. It was a little boxy before - so I wanted a cleaner look. I'm still working on some pages but I do love how it looks so far! I'm going to treat this post a bit like a site map and explain a little about what means what =D

@ -- stands for email. click the link and it'll open up to your default email provider.
t -- stands for twitter. this will take you to my twitter account. follow if you like ;)
+ -- stands for blog lovin'. click and then click on 'follow' to follow my blog.
P -- stands for pinterest - a collection of my favourite items. I love to pin!

CHICTOPIA -- takes you to my chictopia page where I post all my outfits.
FASHIOLISTA -- takes you to my fashiolista page where I share my favourite outfit pieces.

ABOUT -- currently being worked on. will have a bit about me and a link to the Q&A. and maybe more!
FEATURES -- currently being worked on. will have photos and/or links of my accomplishments.
SHOP -- where you can buy items I like and/or that are similar styles to my own.

BLOG ARCHIVE -- click for old posts

LABELS love (210) new (43) event (40) lookbook (27) outfit (25) video (18) theme (17) inspire (12) trend (10) blog (7) home (6) collection (5) sale (4) -- click for specific blog entries. the number shows how many times I've done a "said" related entry. most are self explanitory but theme stands for themed posts (such as holidays, colours, styles etc), inspire (editorials, photos I like, anything that inspires me etc) and blog (updates relating to my blog).

SEARCH -- search this blog for key words that aren't listed in labels such as specific designer names, companys, stores, shoes etc.

Let me know what you think. I'd love some feedback.

Have a good week everybody!


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