Tuesday, 21 August 2012

OUTFIT: Movie Night

Last Saturday night I held a party at my house just because I could. We have a bit of a theatre room at a house so it's the perfect place for movie nights.

I wore this outfit to pick up a friend of mine from the bus stop before the festivities began. There was plenty of junk food, drinks and an overall vampire theme to the night. The movies included Dracula (scared the bejesus out of me but Keanu made it worth it!), Interview with a Vampire and The Lost Boys - all great classic vampire movies.

Don't ask why I'm pulling faces ... o_O

(Simple black and white with tan accessories. I know a lot of people are against black paired with browns/tans but I quite like it).

tshirt - Cotton On
vest - Target
skirt - ASOS petite
belt - Primark
bag - Williams
boots - Betts

photos by T. Motherwell


  1. Great skirt for winter!

    Haven't had a good old fashioned movie night in forever!

    1. Haha, kind of but, thankyou! It's see-through so I wear leggings underneath for warmth. Otherwise I would definitely freeze!

      You should. It's a blast! :)

      Thanks for commenting! x


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