Monday, 3 September 2012

MSFW: City Square Runway 1 - David Jones

There are very few times when I actually head into the city. For one, it's rather far away and two, I have no idea how to get anywhere without a map! So I tend to look more like a tourist than a Melbournian. And don't even get me started on how terrified I am at trying to figure out trams.

So my attempt to catch the 12pm show went array. Let's just cut a long story short and say that I mistook the City Square for Federation Square ... and showed up to an empty stage. I turned it into a positive by Elephant Spotting for Melbourne Zoo (I found five of them - but I want to get photos of them all) before finally making the 1pm show.

I got a photo of every outfit! I do have close ups but as this entry is so PHOTO HEAVY already, I opted not to share them. Colour, colour and more colour is on the cards for Spring Racing. Pastels, Neons, Lace, Jumpsuits and even the Pants Suit are set for 2012.

Until tomorrow,






  1. good photos, I didn't get a chance to go to mondays because I was working. would of loved the David Jones one but I guess I'll see it at chadstone next wednesday. Think I'll be covering it then :)

    maddie x

    1. I'll be at Chaddy too - so I guess I'll see you there =D Thankyou for commenting! x


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