Wednesday, 5 September 2012

MSFW: City Square Runway 3 - Review

Day 3. What a doosey! 

Firstly, I was having difficulties with my camera for the first part of the show. I would have stayed for the second show but I had to rush off as I had lunch plans. I couldn't find any trains that went from Flinders Street to Parliment (and I don't understand trams) so I got on the train and went to Richmond, hopped on a city loop train and went back into the city. After getting off at Parliment, I was lost in a sea of purple protesters who had brought traffic to a stand still. It was so windy that their flags kept blowing away and littering the streets :\ Then a friend cancelled on me for lunch, so the remaining five of us headed to our favourite lunch spot only to find it too crowded to get a table. We ended up at another restaurant down the street which turned out to be rather lovely. (But hey, no complaints because I at least got to eat lunch today at a reasonable time =D)

The Review show was lovely. The models came out with big balloons to begin the Sherbet Fizz, Sugar Rush and Tutti Frutti range before ending with the Limited Edition range. Shoes were by WittnerReview is so pretty and feminine all the year round which sets them apart. If only, if only, I had a never ending supply of cash.

Once again, a very PHOTO HEAVY post under the cut!



  1. Replies
    1. I know, right? Gorgeous overload! I love going to the shows but I hate how much going makes me want to buy everything lol Thanks for commenting! x


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