Saturday, 8 September 2012

VIDEO: Symmetric Strategy by Jacob Birge

"Symmetric strategy based on the relationship between computer , hi-tech world and a human being. The colle ction respond to growing social problem - people became addicted to the internet and a computers replacing reality by virtual life. The collection reflects the conflict between deeply individual and personal human approach and cold, precise computer processes. To find a balance between those contradicted approaches I have created mathematical equations, which generated sequences of variables. Each variable determines the level of deformation of the female figure in two key positions - front and profile. Deformations are symmetrical in one direction (front or profile), giving a new silhouette and shape, while considering the natural feminine shape, which creates a hybrid between man and machine. Sequences of variables are used to generate the sound used as a background soundtrack during the fashion show, divided by 6 parts -- each pattern applies to fashion and sound."




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