Tuesday, 19 March 2013

EVENT: Pako Festa in Geelong

A long long time ago on February 23rd, 2013, a friend and I headed to Pako Festa, Geelong. Basically, there's demonstrations, food, events and all kinds of things. It was a VERY hot day (!!!) but that didn't stop people coming out and supporting the festival. I tried to capture the crowd in the photo above but the street is sooooooo long that it was impossible. I knew I wanted to get a slushie and some fairy floss/cotton candy. I wanted a blue slushie but I couldn't find the stall that was selling them, so I had to settle on a pink one on my way out.

I knew nothing of the festival. Geelong is over an hour away from where I live, but my friend, being a huge My Kitchen Rules fan, wanted to go along and see the cooking demonstration by the Victorian contestants. Some stars from Home and Away also attended. We didn't stay for their panels, but they did come out to see the MKR contestants in action.

It actually ended up being quite a good day. We checked out the shops, tried the local food, saw the sights, lovely.

MKR photos under the cut :)


The contestants had to make the best Aussie burger.

The Home and Away stars come out to see what's happening.

The Major and his special helper - no idea who she was - got to taste the burgers.


The contestants wait nervously as they decide on a winner.

The girls - I think their names are Melina and Angela?! - are declared the winners.
One lucky fan gets to take home a barbeque.


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