Monday, 18 March 2013

LOVE: Skyline Jersey Skirt by Sheike

I'M BACK! Did anybody miss me? So sorry for the delay in posts. Where have I been? I had some minor surgery to take care of which made getting onto my computer a bit of a hassle, so I thought best to rest up and come back with some awesome posts!

Online shopping on my phone was a bit of a saviour for me from the boredom of not being able to move much. I'm in love with this Skyline Jersey Skirt by Sheike. It won't suit me as it'll be too long - will make me look short - and there's such bulk around the hips which wouldn't be good for me either. But still, I'm considering buying it just for the print. Bad Mallory. Trust your instincts. This is what happens when you haven't been shopping for two whole weeks :\ Withdrawls.


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