Sunday, 5 May 2013

SALE: Patricia Chain Hobo and Push Lock Multi Pocket Weekender Bags by Collette

There's a sale on at Collette at the moment for Mother's Day. My Mother's Day presents have already been sorted but it doesn't mean that I can't take advantage of a sale, right? When it comes to bags, I'm so fussy with finding one I like. It usually comes down to quality - as I never buy leather - and faux leather can look cheap and nasty.

I liked the Push Lock Multi Pocket Weekender when I saw it in Sydney last year. I liked it in a different colour which is now sold out but I still love the style of it. It would be perfect for a weekend away - which I try to do many times a year. But I also like the Patricia Chain Hobo. It reminds me of a bag I used to have which I totally destroyed. My bags have to withstand a lot, as I always pack them to the brim and carry way too much in them than I should.

Does anyone know if Collette bags are of good quality?

My heart says yes but my bank account is saying no ...


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