Wednesday, 31 December 2014

EVENT: Disney Movie Marathon

Last weekend I hosted my annual Christmas themed movie marathon. Well, that is to say, usually we watch Christmas movies but this year we mixed it up a little and watched Disney movies with only the food/drink being Christmas related. Also, I added dress ups!

I went as a female Bofur. I just used pieces that I already had in my wardrobe. But being a 30-something degree Melbourne summer day, I unfortunately stripped most of the layers off after these photos were taken because I was dying! And spent the most of the day dressed as Wednesday Addams for the most part lol


Vest - Forever New
Cardigan - Dotti
Leggings - Supre
Boots - Target
Tin whistle/Legwarmers - eBay
Skirt/Gloves/Scarf/Belt - I have no idea whatsoever
Hat - Etsy by critknits

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