Saturday, 31 January 2015

EVENT: Cosplay Progress

I realize that I have not done a cosplay update post in a while, so what better time than the present? It has actually been a while that I've worked on it because I was waiting so long for the male jacket to arrive that it was seriously getting ridiculous! In true me-style though, as soon as it did arrive, I worked on it straight away.

So here's an update for anyone following along :)


So during my last cosplay update, we were at this (above) stage. You can read about it here. I had started sewing the blue material onto the shirt. I had yet to work on the bib part as I was still figuring stuff out. 

This was how the progress went below ...


1. I had completed the shirt and skirt, but had yet to work on the bib part.
2. I had started work on the bib part - you can see the lace. I didn't have my corset yet. But you can see that I didn't have enough material to make a whole dress.
3. My corset arrived and I was finally able to get a better view of how the whole thing would look completed. The corset isn't done up so I look very boxy but the look is basically complete. Woo!


Then stupidly I decided that I wanted to make Josh's look from the Fallout music video for the cosplay shoot I plan on doing. I am still finding someone who wants to be my Josh - but I am getting closer - I can feel it. My requirements are someone tall and dark. It's proving to be quite difficult.

Here's my Josh cosplay budget list:
  • Jacket (eBay, 99c plus postage)
  • Cogs (eBay, $8, pack of 50, plus postage)
  • Buttons (Lincraft, $1.09 four pack)
  • Safety Pins (already owned)

I know the jacket isn't perfect (as Josh wears more of a blazer than a jacket) but I'm really very proud of it (as I tried to make it match Josh's as much as humanly possible with a very small budget - I will probably add the chain detail too). Cost so little to make but I think it actually looks quite effective. The cogs really work. I didn't release that they were made of paper when I bought them but this made it really easy to glue on. The jacket is too big for me, which is a shame because I like it so much that I would totally wear it out if it fit me.

This is how the looks look together as of right now in comparison to the originals:

They both aren't 100% complete but I'm so proud of both looks. I think I've done pretty well :) What do you think? One thing is for sure - I have to do the shoot before my hair gets too much longer!


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