Thursday, 12 March 2015

NEW: Ruffle Wrap Seaform Skirt/ w Bottom by Lime Ricki

Not very often do I receive such awesome opportunities - but when the good folks at Lime Ricki said they wanted to send me a piece from their new 2015 Spring Line Collection, I couldn't scream HELL YES! fast enough. Because I honestly LOVE their pieces!

As a water sign, I absolutely love water but .... I hate going to the beach or a pool because I feel really uncomfortable showing so much skin in public. The thought of an itsy-bitsy bikini terrifies me! And let's face it, for ladies with a bit more curves, it can be hard to find affordable options that don't look like they've been stolen from your mother's closet! Does anyone remember when my nightmare of spending all of 2013 trying to find a pair of bathers that looked flattering?! That. Was. The. Worst.

So any who, I went with the Ruffle Wrap Seaform Skirt/ w Bottom (I'm a 10/12 AU and I got a large) because I feel like the skirt bottoms are so unique to the Lime Ricki range. I've certainly never come across anything like it in my travels. And luckily, it's so perfect! I cannot rate the piece highly enough! It looks very flattering on (you can see photos under the cut), is comfortable and provides enough coverage for me to feel comfortable in (and will help me from looking like a sunburnt-lobster come summer-time). I know it sounds like I'm giving you the PR spin - but if you've read my musical reviews, you'd know that I don't sugar-coat. I am honest - and I truly love their swimwear. If you've struggled like me to find something and you like what you see on their website, I'd definitely recommend them :) And then let me know what you get and what you thought - I truly am very curious to hear!

My next purchase is definitely going to the be the Cinch-Neck Floral Tankini. Look how adorbs (and flattering!) it looks with the Skirt ... so cute! I want it SO bad!

Plus, if you sign up you get 15% off your first purchase, plus with affordable worldwide shipping rates and right now, they have a sale on with pieces starting at a very cheap $5 - how can you possibly go wrong?! Also, their customer service team is top notch ;) 

More photos under the cut!


The ruching/gathering disguises any lumps and bumps

The frill is super girly and cute!

The thick waistband is really flattering and comfortable!

The skirt has hidden bottoms underneath but the skirt provides extra coverage.


It looks so flattering on that I'm almost tempted to wear it out - and I totally could!
It's a good length too - not at all hoochie/mini, which I like!

PS. Except a photo shoot in Summertime =D

Thank you again to Lime Ricki for letting me have such an awesome piece! I really appreciate/love it!

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