Saturday, 18 April 2015

OUTFIT: My Life As A House

So this past week I've been at Mt Buller - again! My third time in a month. It's kind of crazy how often I go there and how often I'm sure I will continue to go this year. This past time (I'm currently in Adelaide for Oz Comic Con) I went up to Mt Stirling to see Craig's Hut (as above) which is famous as it was used in The Man From Snowy River movie. I've never seen it but it has some neat facts in there and you have the opportunity to go up a very rocky four-wheel-drive only track. It's wicked fun!

Anyway, I wore this. I wasn't expecting to get a photo so this was a sneaky shot that I ended up really liking. I was actually listening to a conversation happening in front of me when I noticed a camera pointing at me so this is me half listening/half posing just in case the camera button was clicked lol

Wearing: Dress - Missguided | Leggings - Supre | Jacket - Freez | Boots - Famous Footwear


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