Monday, 15 May 2017

ARTICLE: Red Carpet Dressing

I've been on the look out (again) for a red carpet type dress ... I seem to go through this every season, but I just haven't been able to commit to one look. Because of the price of red carpet dresses, I want to make sure what I pick is absolutely perfect, timeless, classic and above all else, I can wear it not only on the red carpet but to a wedding or a fancy party too!

I've been searching the internet (again) and have come across Picked Looks. They're currently my new favourite! The quick postage and turn around of their custom dresses is important to me - especially when I'm so indecisive - IE always buying things at the last minute for events (especially as I usually only have a short notice on events as well - it's troublesome)

Their white ball dresses are especially nice, but I'm really feeling something in a forest green type of colour. Green has always been my favourite colour but with it now being Autumn, I'm feeling those deeper colours.

Which green dress would be best for a red carpet event?!

I love a bit of sparkle, but I also love lace. The first dress features a classic silhouette but with some sparkle and sex appeal - see the leg. It's one of those dresses that will make you stand out but still remaining classy, I like that! The second is a classic old Hollywood dress which is elegant and timeless and perfect to wear again and again. The third is perhaps the most unique option. The one shoulder is bang on trend but it has enough coverage as well for me. I love the unique lace detailing - it's not your normal lace. And the fourth, well, look at that gorgeous neckline! It has the sparkle and the flattering nipped in waist. It's just so gorgeous!
There are just too many options. HELP!

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