Monday, 15 May 2017

ARTICLE: Rose Lace-Up Stiletto Heel Sandals - Apricot by Zaful


I was recently contacted by Zaful ( ) asking if I wanted to review one of their products. After searching their website, I knew I just had to jump on this opportunity because of the amazing products Zaful have for sale! It was hard to narrow down which one piece I wanted - but finally I decided on these Rose Lace-Up Stiletto Heel Sandals - Apricot (

These tall, lace up, gladiator-style high heeled flower shoes, took a little while to get to Australia. Understandable, of course, because I ordered nearby a public holiday/busy postal season. But I cannot fault their service. The heels arrived in perfect condition, in a very funky shoe box with lots of wrapping inside. Granted to say, I could have have been happier! 

As the Zaful website reminds me of some other websites whose quality is less than acceptable in my eyes, I was a little worried that the heels would look cheap or their quality not so great - but I was very surprised. The flowers aren't cheaply stuck on either, which I thought they may have been. The shoes themselves feel so soft and are very well made. 

I love how incredibly unique they are. I've never seen anything like them! Never have I received so many compliments on a pair of heels. Mind you - they aren't for the faint-hearted. They are pretty high for someone not used to wearing high/thin stiletto heel before - but it's worth learning!

Thank you Zaful for your gorgeous gift and amazing service! The heels really pop when worn with a black or red dress - I also quite like it with a nude coloured velvet-like dress I saw at Valleygirl.

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