Wednesday, 21 May 2014

EVENT: Schwarzkopf in Nectra Colour


I thought I would share with you my winnings from the Schwarzkopf 'Nectra Colour'
competition I entered and won. You can see my winning entry here.

 I didn't expect there to be SO MUCH STUFF! 

I actually don't really use any hair products except shampoo and conditioner so this hair pack is kind of wasted on me :\ I guess I should take this opportunity to experiment a little :)


PS. How much does the unopened bottles look like rice paper rolls? =P



  1. Woo! Thats an awesome collection of winnings! The powder on the left of the photo is awesome! I use it often!

    1. Really? I'm worried it's going to make my hair white. Maybe I should open and try it. I should do this :)


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