Sunday, 14 December 2014

THEME: Eleven Cards for Readin'

Eleven was meant to be for Etsy finds but I found so many wonderful Christmas card designs on there that I decided that this is what it would be. I sent out my Christmas cards the other day and realised how sad it is that not as many people send cards as they used to. We need to change that. Bring back the sweet little gestures of the holiday season.

  1. Otter Pun Card by TinyBeeCards
  2. Christmas Tree Card by OldEnglishCo
  3. Koala Christmas Card by Choodaloo
  4. Hipster Santa Christmas Card by CandidCaleb
  5. Star Wars Christmas Card by RememberNovemberInc
  6. First Christmas as Husband and Wife Card by ohsopurrfect
  7. Light It Up Christmas Card by TheHelloBoutique
  8. Snowman Christmas Cards by DreamsByTheRiver
  9. Cat Christmas Card by OlechkaDesign
  10. Christmas Funny Elves Card by UpTownThings
  11. Christmas Tangled Lights Card Pack by HenPenDesigns

All on Etsy!


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