Monday, 27 February 2012

EVENT: A Chorus Line

I've been meaning to do this post for a while but time, I'm afraid, hasn't been on my side and I only just now have time to write it.

But two Friday's ago, I was lucky enough to go and see A Chorus Line on stage. I hadn't seen any previews and had no idea what it was about - but as I've been a fan of the theatre since I was child, how could I refuse a chance to go?

It's not to say that I was disappointed with the show. Not at all, infact, I very much enjoyed it. But it wasn't my favourite - and I think the main reason why is the lack of sets and costumes. Obviously I know now that it's about people auditioning for a show so costume changes would be silly and unnecessary - but I didn't know that going in. The set is a dance studio and the only thing that changes is the background - from a plain colour, to panelled mirrors to the fancy background at the end. The end number was also was the only time when all the performers changed costumes to perform 'One' - And I still have no idea how they all managed to change into those costumes so fast!!

But dispite the lack of costumes and sets, it was a very funny show - particually Sheila and Richie. And the "bad" auditions at the beginning were also very funny - especially the guy who kept his head down and Sheila smiling as she's dancing.

I think another reason, for me personally, was the whole concept of the musical. I always tend to loose interest when it comes to back stories. In TV shows like Lost or Alcatraz, my mind tends to wander when they have flashbacks - and it was the same with this. I cared more about who was going to make the audition rather than know their life stories. It makes me loose interest very fast because I have a problem with most stories when we already know the outcome. In A Chorus Line, they are auditioning to become part of the Chorus in a show so we learn why they are auditioning - but, for me, I know they are auditioning and I don't care why - I only want to know who makes it. It's just my own personal opinion. Let's just say, it's the reason I can't really appreciate The Rise of the Planet of the Apes (we already know the Apes take over), Smallville (become Superman already ...) and don't even get me started on the Batman movies.

Also I do think Paul's story went too long. It was just him standing on stage talking. It was also sometimes hard to understand what some of the performers were singing when the music was very loud. But I always prefered the back story in song - it was much more entertaining than just standing on stage and speaking. Also the singing usually meant that there would also be dancing. And the dancing was amazing! Especially when all the perfromers were dancing in unison.

My favourite song was the 'tits and ass' song - I know that's not what it's called but it was very funny to me - and I hadn't expected it to be so crude. Also, hugs to the guy who got gonorrhea - that was too funny! I also enjoyed 'Sing' - it was very well done. 'I Hope I Get It' is a classic! I loved the performance of 'One' at the end. It was amazing and probably my favourite song/dance by all the performers. Who won the chance to be in the chorus was overshadowed by the final number - but I guess it doesn't really matter. The essence of the show is the how and why they are auditioning and not the end result itself. And to be honest, I don't even remember who made it and who didn't.

All up, I think it was a really good show with very solid performances. And as I've said, it wasn't my favourite for the reasons I mentioned above, but it is worth a look if you get the opportunity to go. And truth be told, I would actually see it again :)

Next up, I'm seeing Annie in June. x

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