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ARTICLE: Dressing for a Wedding

I have two weddings to attend - one this year and another next year. I'm unsure if I want to buy a new dress or just wear something already in my wardrobe. I was just going to post some dresses that I was considering buying/trying on but I thought that maybe some other ladies are in the same boat as me - you want a dress but you don't necessarily know what you want or what to look for. So here are some of my general rules when it comes to dressing for weddings.

- don't wear anything too short. Short dresses are okay but avoid mini styles or anything that will be uncomfortably short when you sit down. Such as this Princess Polly Mistletoe Dress. Stick to lengths just above the knee to the full maxi lengths. I wouldn't recommend wearing anything shorter than the Seduce Colour Block Twist Front Dress. If you do opt for a mini-dress, wear it with tights.

- don't wear anything too revealing such as Reverse Dress in Scratch Print with Cut Out Bustier. Most likely older people and children will be present so you don't want to cause unwanted attention. If you do want to show some extra skin, opt for a low back such as this Warehouse Low Back Dress. It's a little sexy without being inappropriate or offending anybody.

- there's that old rule that you shouldn't wear black to a wedding. Now, I know a little black dress is a classic style but why wear black when you can wear colour? Although this ASOS Mesh Skater Dress With Twist Front is cute - I'd suggest something with colour such as this Sheike Unbreakable Dress. It's a wedding after all, not a funeral. Also, don't wear white - no exceptions, just don't!

- Traditionally wearing green to a wedding is supposed to be bad luck (Forever New Olivia Cross Over Bandage Dress) ... I don't have a problem with wearing green but just in case you're superstitious, stick to more blue/green shades like teal, aqua, sea green etc like this Sheike Pacific Dress.

- don't go for a loud print. Prints can look lovely but you don't want a print that takes focus away from the bride. Prints like this ASOS Reverse Midi Open Back Dress In Colour Splash will get all the wrong attention. Florals or more basic patterns are always better like this Gorman Rumba Tulip Dress

- if you have to buy a dress, buy one that you will/can wear again. Long silk maxi dresses (Sheike Evie Satin Maxi) are lovely but if you're looking at a high price tag for one event - it's not advisable. Why do you think celebrities borrow dresses for events? Otherwise, I'd suggest something like Motel Midi Zoe Dress in Abstract Pebble Print which can be worn for a special event, drinks with the girls, dinner parties or with a blazer at the office.

- a lot of people will say that sequins are inappropriate for a wedding but I disagree. I think sequins can be tastefully done. Just avoid all over sequin dresses like this Freez Bebe Diamond Dress. Look for subtle hints of sequins or glitter, sequin bodices or jewelled details. Such as TFNC Babydoll Dress with Sequin Bodice.

- lace is such a beautiful idea for a wedding. If you spend a lot of money on a lace dress, it'll be an investment piece because lace never goes out of style and can be worn again and again. Wearing lace with your bra, bralett or crop top has been fashionable as of late such as this Princess Polly Judy Barton Dress - but it's not appropriate for a wedding. Add a slip if it doesn't have built in underlay like this Portmans Bronze Lace Dress.

- there's a difference between tight and fitted - and a lot of people forget that and that's why often, fitted clothes have the bad rep. Fitted clothing isn't just for a size 6. You just need to know how to make tight clothes work for you. I'm not suggesting any kind of shapewear - although, I do think it's a great idea if you want a smoother look. The key to fitted clothing is all in the material. I'd suggest something like this
Motel Zoe Racer Dress Stripes for a smaller size as it will be less forgiving than this Forever New Bandage Dress. Larger lady should go for fitted styles that skim over your curves, rather than cling to them - stiffer fabrics are your friend.

  • If it's a bit chilly, wear tights as apposed to leggings - if you're wearing black shoes wear black tights - otherwise wear nude tights.
  • A wedge is a nice alternative to a heel - they are usually more comfortable and will stop you sinking into the sand and/or grass.
  • If you'd rather wear flats, go for a dressed up sandal or ballet flat. Shades of silver or gold or bejewelled styles.
  • If it's a themed wedding and you're asked to dress up - do it. You will look out of place otherwise. Besides, it's the couple's special day and what they say, goes :)
  • If you don't like your arms but you want to wear a strapless dress, a bolero is a great cover up instead of a heavy jacket.
  • Colour blocking works well for a wedding. Just make sure that it's tasteful. Don't wear more than three solid colours unless in a print.
  • You don't have to spend a lot of money on an outfit. A lot of dresses can look really expensive if you wear it with the right accessories. When I've worn this ASOS dress with a chunky statement faux diamond necklace or sparkly dangle earrings, I've been complimented on how dressed up and expensive I look.
  • If you are looking for something more traditionally formal that you will probably only wear once, I'd suggest borrowing from a friend, renting a dress online at Dressed Up or waiting for a sale - you'll feel less guilty about how much you're spending. And let's face it with new shoes, make up, jewellery, transportation, presents etc it can add up fast! Any way to save some pennies is a great idea!
  • Basic make up works best at a wedding. If you're wearing a lot of colours, keep your make up fresh and natural. Coloured eye shadow is okay but then wear nude lips. Red lips work if you keep your eye shadow neutral. Depends on the wedding, the time of day and the location. But just remember, if it's a long day, you want your make up to last. I don't recommend a heavy smokey eye if you're likely to have panda eyes by the end of the night. Stay classy or you'll regret it later.
  • When choosing a bag, make sure it's big enough to carry your keys, money, tissues, ID, camera, phone, spare shoes (if you think you'll need them when you're on your way home) and make up for touch ups.
  • Smaller prints are always more flattering. Larger bags make your appear smaller. Vertical stripes are always more flattering than horizontal stripes.
  • Consider if your dress will need to be altered. You may think that dress that you bought is cheap - but altering a dress can add up. It might be cheaped just to buy a different dress instead.
  • If you think your dress is too plain, add some bling such as sparkly jewellery, a nice clutch, glitzy heels and/or a beaded, faux fur or sequined crop jacket or bolero.
  • If you'd prefer to wear a skirt and top instead of a dress - a satin or silk cami with a pencil skirt will look nice. If you'd prefer to wear pants - black pants with a jewel coloured top will also look nice.
  • And remember, you no longer have to match your bag and shoes (although you still can if you want to)
  • Remember this is just a guide. Wear what you feel comfortable in, what suits your body shape and wear your best colour/colours.

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