Friday, 24 February 2012

LOVE: Nice Cushy by Typo

How adorable is this Nice Cushy by Typo?!

I'm currently re-decorating my room and as a hoarder, it's incredibly hard to say goodbye to all the clutter around my room. Still, I know it's for the best - but it's just so hard. I'm cheating a little by keeping many boxes of old stuff in my walk in wardrobe. I could probably rent out a whole storage garage with all the stuff that is in there.

So the question is, should I buy this pillow and store it for when I can afford to get my own place. I've always thought I'd decorate my lounge room area in pink, white and brown - but now I'm thinking maybe more of a black and white theme to go with what I have. The black/white theme is in total contrast to what I want to do with my bedroom. I want to have very dark walls and dark brown woods.

I also want one a stabbed man knife holder - I love those!


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