Tuesday, 7 February 2012

THEME: Lovebirds Pendant by Little Shop Of

Lovebirds Pendant by Little Shop Of


PS. I saw the most stylish old man yesterday. He was wearing a fedora hat and black suspenders with plain pants and striped shirt (the top two buttons were slightly open). But the best of all, he was strutting down the street. I love when fashion just makes you want to strut! lol!

PPS. My ASOS order is on board with the postman. I can't wait! I'm really excited to get my order.

PPPS. Thanks to the guys at Short Story for the kind words about my blog entry. I really appreciate it - and I'm glad you liked the photos. Although, all the thanks belong to you because the flowers are what make the photos look so good! :)

PPPPS. Thanks Kani for mentioning me on twitter x I wondered why my views suddenly had such a huge spike in numbers! lol!

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