Saturday, 31 March 2012

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I've seen some 'What's In My Bag?' videos on youtube and I thought it might be fun to do my own - in photos instead of video. I'm one of those people who carry practically everything! And, of course, depending on the situation, I sometimes carry more like spare make-up, extra shoes, digital camera, drink bottle (usually Nutrient Water, Pepsi or Pine Punch Juice), snacks etc etc.

My bag is always too packed and it's apparent from the ill condition of my beautiful Radley bag that I bought on the ferry between England and France - my first purchase on the first day of my European holiday. It was hugely expensive and leather (bad me!) but I just loved it to pieces! Makes me sad that it's in such bad condition but I don't have the heart to throw it out - considering the money and memories.


Reading Book. I always like to carry a good book with me. I mostly read autobiographies but I do enjoy a good story now and again. I got inspired to read the story of Jekyll and Hyde after hearing the songs from the musical adaption of the story. Astrology Book. The second book is my astrology book by my favourite astrologist Dadhichi. He's the only person I trust. I know some people think it's a complete load of crap, but I find the science so interesting. You can learn a lot about yourself if you understand your star sign. I'm not a big believer in day by day star sign predictions though. I first started buying his books in 2006 and have continued to each and every year.

Sunglasses. I always carry my Gucci sunglasses with me. I bought them when I was in Venice in 2008. The case is so big though that I have trouble carrying them if I'm using a smaller bag but I make it work. The shop custom selects sunglasses for you based on your face shape. I'm terrible at choosing sunglasses for myself so I bought these straight away and haven't bought another pair since.

Diary. My diary is from Sportsgirl. I love the design and fabric on it. It has a pen and basically everything you want in a diary. I replace the diary pages every year so I can continue to use the case. It holds all my important dates, addresses, numbers etc. I also keep the train schedule booklet with it, just incase I need it. Notebook. This notebook was given to me for Christmas one year by my friend Heather. I'm a big note taker so I always make sure to have paper nearby. It's almost full so I need to replace it pretty soon. I'm probably going to look for some note pages I can put in my diary so I can carry it all in one.

Wallet. I'm so unbelievably fussy when it comes to choosing a wallet/purse to use. I needed to replace my old one and I searched high and low for one with lots of card space. This one has lots of room and isn't a large size either. I also love the turn clip at the front. The blue thing that you see on the right is a charm that I bought at a market. It's attached to the zip of the coin purse.

Mirror. I used to have braces and since getting them removed, I'm still very paranoid about getting food stuck in my teeth. I mostly only use it when I eat sushi though but it does come in handy for make up touches too. Tissues. Self explanatory. Instant Hand Sanitiser. Just like the mirror, I only really need it after eating sushi. I don't like a seaweed smell on my fingers - especially if I'm touching clothes.

Mobile. I love and adore my HTC phone. I'm not one of those people who has to have the latest phone. I hold onto my phone for ages and only change it when I absolutely need to. I got my HTC after my old phone stopped working, due to me accidentally spilling lemonade in my bag when I rushed off to take a photo quickly when I was in Perth. Ipod. Just like my phone, this ipod is a replacement ipod. My old ipod stopped working when lemonade was spilt on it on the same day. My old ipod was 30 GB - whereas this one is 120 GB. I love so many genres of music and as I hate so much music on the radio, I podcast Hamih and Andy so it fills up quite fast.

Lipgloss. So it's not really a lipgloss. It can be used for everything which makes it so versatile to have. All my friends use it too. I first got it when my lips got sunburned and it helped sooth them. I also love the taste of papaw. I first tasted it when I was in Thailand and I haven't looked back since. Whenever I get the opportunity, I buy the fruit on sale - sometimes in the Supermarket you can get half a papaw for $1 for quick sale. I love moments like that!

Breathmints. I'm a HUGE tic tac fan! I buy and eat tic tacs constantly just because I love the taste. They also come in handy after sushi and just when you want a light something after a meal. From the looks of it, it looks like I'm going to need a replacement pack very very soon. Keys. I have a lot of key rings. The leprechaun I bought when I was in Ireland - I couldn't think of who to give it to so I decided to keep it for myself. The coin was given as a gift. I can't remember what it means but it's supposed to mean something - maybe good luck or something like that. The green keyring is a jade stone. It also means something too but I've long forgotten. It spins so I always play with it if I'm bored.

Shopping Bag. This shopping bag was given to me by a friend. I mostly use it for groceries. But as it folds up very small, I carry it around with me because I never know when I might need it. It always comes in handy.

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