Wednesday, 18 April 2012

EVENT: Ross Noble in Nonsensory Overload

These photos are rather awful as they were taken on my phone outside of the Palais Theatre - but last night, I had the pleasure of going to see Ross Noble in Nonsensory Overload -  aka the name of his new show. If you've ever been to one of this shows, you will know how sporadic and what's the word ... I don't really think there is one because he definitely has his own style.

His "jokes" (I say "jokes" because it's more like he just talks, rather than tell jokes) went from swallowing an giant egg whole, a naked oiled Larry Emdur riding a brown bear, The Wiggles sleeping with your mother (not to mention lots of drug/Jeff talk), Ross Noble the Wizard, shanks, "Personal" insurance, Naked tiger women, Bogans wanting straz and so much more. My mouth was sore from laughing within the first half an hour. Crazy. But it was a great show.

Just wanted to share my outfit from the show - once again, sorry for the bad photos - can you tell I cut my friends out? I don't think they'd want to be on here lol 


Tshirt and Dress - Supre
Vest - Forever New
Shoes - Boston Babe
Wooden Bracelet -
Bag is eBay | Watch from Switzerland | Pink Bracelet from somewhere

above photos by K. Allen and A. Shute | below photo by me

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