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ARTICLE: Creative Ways To Store and Display Jewellery

If you're like me, you probably have a tonne of jewellery and are always have trouble finding places to store it. So I thought I'd share some of my ideas to help manage the clutter.

This post is VERY image heavy and long so that's why everything is under the cut.


If you like your jewellery to be on display, rather than hidden away, and if you have the wall space, a good idea is to hang your necklaces on some wall art. I used this Winter Rose Pillar Wall Sconce from Dusk, but anything with branches or similar will do. It's easy to do, doesn't take up much space (especially if you already have the art hanging on your wall) and it helps stop chains from getting tangled.

If you don't have much wall space, but have room in your wardrobe, a great idea is to use a coat hanger. I used this belt hanger from K-mart ($4) - who says it has to be used just for belts? I hung mine on the wall of my walk in wardrobe with a nail, like you could do with these ASOS 'Jewellery' Hooks. If you are worried about necklaces getting tangles, perhaps use a hanging Jewellery Organiser. They hang easy in your wardrobe and it's just like having an extra hanger.

If you don't have a lot of jewellery but like to have it on show, candle holders and drinking glasses are a great idea. I used a candle holder and a martini shaped glass as my example - but you could use any kind of candle holder, mug or glass that could hold earrings. They are also a great idea to put some bangles and/or rings inside like I did. I like these Etched Votive Holders from Dusk.


Tree Jewellery stands are becoming all the more popular. If you like to loop your jewellery or it's not long then you could use one with lots of branches and just scatter bangles and chains on different branches. If you have a lot of long necklaces, I suggest a larger tree which allows all chains to hang down. I got mine for my birthday last November and it looks great in my room - it's a real focal piece of my room. They come in lots of sizes and shapes, so you're bound to find something you like from this Tree of Life Jewellery Stand Red to this Tree of Life Aluminium Stand.

A more traditional storage method is jewellery boxes and trays. You can find these in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are so easy. I have too much stuff to fit in just one but if you're looking for something a bit decorative, how about this ASOS Piano Trinket Box. If you prefer something more plain, stick with a  Jewellery Tray. It's a quick and easy way to see what you have and what you want within seconds.

I find that the hardest thing to store is lots and lots of earrings. My earring holder works for me as it holds a LOT of earrings! I've seen all kinds of earring holders from the ones that spin, the small, the large, the decorative to the all-in-ones like this Allure Jewellery Cabinet. If you opt for a larger earring holder, it can be difficult to find earrings so I colour coordinate, but an Earring Organiser is a great space saver.

Here are some different ideas for ring holders. Once again, they come in so many varieties that I'd just be repeating myself. I prefer the ones where you stack them because they take up less room, but with the shoe, for example, it's quicker to find the ring that you want - because you don't have to take all the other rings off to get to it.

I spoke a little about wall space and if you have a LOT of room, a cork board is a great idea. They are especially good if you combine your wardrobe with your office. And there's so many amazing pins you can buy these days - I adore these Heart Pins from Typo. Another great idea with a cork board is to find some rope or cable etc and hang it across the board. Then get some mini clips or pens (like these Mini Wooden Pegs from kikki.k) and peg your jewellery to the rope. That's also a good idea, if you hate the look of the cork board and just want to hang some rope. It makes an amazing wall feature - especially if you have a lot of room!

I saw this once at a market and it's one of my absolute favourite ways to hang earrings! It's impractical for me because I've got so many and not enough places for frames, but if you've got the space, then I'm jealous and you should love this idea! I had to make shift one using the bed curtains from my four poster bed - but believe when I saw they look amazing. They are super easy to make too!

To make you'll need:
- photo frame
- lace fabric
- one sheet of colourful paper
- glue

- Glue the lace to the inside of the frame. Cut colourful paper and glue it to the back of the frame. Put the frame together once everything is dry and you're done!

It's really that simple! It looks really amazing with contrasting colours or prints. There are so many paper colour and pattern choices to choose from! These also make great gifts. And once again, if you have the wall space, can you imagine how many of them would look together sporadically placed on a wall?!

And so we've come to the end ... I'm sure there are plenty other ways to store jewellery but I hope that's given you some ideas :)


All jewellery by Diva, Lovisa, eQuip, Fashionology, K is for Kani and other various places.

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