Wednesday, 23 May 2012

EVENT: Gok Wan's Westfield Style Tour 2012

 Today I had the pleasure of going to see Gok Wan on his Westfield Style Tour for the second year in a row. This year I went to Southland Shopping Centre, whereas last year I saw him at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre. I was surprised as to how quiet it was compared to the size of the crowd last year. I arrived at 11am  to make sure I got a front seat view aka the perfect view for photos :)

I liked this year a lot more because he did more with the makeover side of things. Last year, he mostly left it up to his assistants, so it was nice to see him do what he does best - style. He's always so cheeky and I love that about him. Offencive, yes, but that's who he is. He had his eye on a "silver fox" in the audience. He made jokes about 'going down', 'spreading one's legs', 'cutting woman's clothes off is the key to getting a woman' etc etc and let us not forgot the 'hey homo, they're ready' catch phrase - personally I thought the 'hey gay boy, they're ready' from last year had more pop but no matter ...

Also I kind of loved the fact that he totally passed a lady from the audience and rubbed his face in the chest of another. One cannot question his ability to entertain - and probably offend too. I like that he had a tattoo done in Brisbane. A tattoo is forever so Australia will always mean something to him :)

The actual highlight of the show had nothing to do with Gok himself. Before it all started, a guy came on stage and sung 'Truely Madly Deeply' ala Savage Garden - badly mind you, but it was hilarious. Apparently it was a dare from Fox FM? I'm not 100% sure on that but it was really funny. If I find any video, I'll be sure to share :)

I might do a little more of this later once I have time to think it over. I have a video that, if blogger lets me, I will upload for you all. Oh and my internet is being shut off all next week so I will make sure to schedule some entries but if you comment, I won't be able to approve them until June :)

Oh BTW to the girl in Glassons that commented on my skirt and necklace - I got the website wrong :\ I hope you are able to find it. If by chance you read this - I'm sorry :\

Enjoy the photos!


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