Thursday, 17 May 2012

EVENT: "Weekend" in Mt Buller

Sorry for my super quick last blog entry! I seriously typed it in one minute, got dressed in two minutes, packed in five and then I was out the door. It was very hectic and I forgot to bring a lot of things :\

I was in Mt Buller for two nights. My family has a house up there that we always stay at so it's like another home for me because I've been there so many times. There wasn't any snow as snow season starts in three weeks but there was some ice on the ground and it was very cold. When we arrived it was 5 degrees and it was around 1 degree when we went out for dinner.

We had dinner at the Enzian Restaurant the first night. It was the only place that we knew was open at such a late time of night. There were many people and our waiter was very cute :) The meal was okay. It was more of less like pub food so nothing fancy to speak of.

The second night we had dinner at the Black Cockatoo at the Chalet which was AMAZING! Up at Mt Buller (especially in the off-season) you can only really find "pub food", and I was craving salad and I really pushed for dinner at the Chalet. I ordered the 'Gnocchi with Mushroom Sauce' with a 'Rocket, Blue Cheese, Walnut and Apple Salad' on the side and the 'Snow Dome' for dessert - which you can see below. It was homemade icecream with fresh strawberries and a shard of chocolate under a dome made of ice. It was truely spectacular. It was a little expensive at $17 but it was definitely worth it!  

Here's a little photo of my Dad and I outside the Chalet on the second night. It was very chilly. Sorry for the quality of the photo. It's hard to see but I was wearing ...

Shearling jacket by A|Wear via ASOS
Dress\Cardigan\Leggings by Supre
Pegasus Necklace by Origami Jewellery
Shoes bought in Holland


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