Tuesday, 29 May 2012

LOVE: Sequin Dress by Mango

I love love love this Sequin Dress by Mango via ASOS!
From the square neckline to the stripes to the tiny gold tassel detail.
I'd love to wear this in New Zealand.
I hate that bullsh*t that ASOS occasionally only sends to certain countries ..
it's screwed me once before :\ boo!

I seem to be mentioning a lot of trips and so forth, so to recap my year:
July - Wedding in Holland (which I'm pretty sure I'm no longer attending :S)
November - Week in Sydney/Gold Coast for my birthday
and New Zealand - hopefully in October but no official date is set.

My ear feels like it's burning so I've been mostly staying in bed.
It's bright red and stings. Hopefully that will go away.
I have plans tomorrow that I don't want to/can't cancel :\

Enjoy your week everybody!

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