Friday, 4 May 2012

NEW: Courtney Love Print by stylestalker

I'm having a personal dilemna. The Courtney Love Dress and Courtney Love Skirt from stylestalker both arrived today. I wanted to wear them both together (ie. above) as a fun look but I'm unsure if I like it together - well actually, that's a lie, because I do like the two together, I just don't think I love it on me. And even that too is a lie because I don't mind it on me, I'm just wondering how much wear I will actually get out of the two.

One moment I'm thinking I'll just keep the skirt and send back the dress - the next, I think I just want to keep the dress and send back the skirt. It's all very confusing. Methinks if I really did love it though then I wouldn't even be writing this right now.

Let's just say that the dress is too long and the skirt is too short and send it on it's way ... I mean, if I have doubt then maybe I should ....

Confused. Am I.


PS. Forgive the photo - I had no one here to take my photo :\

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