Monday, 25 June 2012

NEW: Clothes Steamer by Sieger

I'm so happy to show you my new toy that I got over the weekend. I actually bought my Clothes Steamer by Sieger (I believe you can buy them in Target for around $100, I think) last week on eBay (second hand/used once for $28 booyeah!) but my friend picked it up and dropped it over on Saturday. I'm not a fan of ironing (and steaming is just more fun!) so it's a wise investment and it'll save me money on dry cleaning which is always good.

This weekend was an eventful one. I actually didn't leave the house except for a hairdressing appointment (where I wore my Limelight Blazer and everyone was looking at me ... whether or not they liked it, I'm not sure but it definitely gets attention good or bad). I was feeling a little under the weather so I had to cancel Saturday and Sunday night plans - but amongst all this, my Ipod dock decided to just up and die on me :'( So lucky I still have a CD player but only one speaker works and I don't have as many CDs as I do mp3s. So I need to replace my Ipod dock asap before I officially go crazy (crazier?!) from lack of music lol.

Have a good week everybody!


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