Saturday, 16 June 2012

NEW: Luxe Ensemble Midi Dress by Queen's Wardrobe

I'll admit it, there's a tiny piece of me that's a bit of a shopaholic. I try not to let her out too often because she doesn't have to worry about the fees that comes with a negative balance in my bank account. There's another side of me, who is an amazing hard-core *coughtightarsecough* saver. I always make sure I've put money into my savings account before buying anything.

But ... as of late, I seem to have bought a lot over the past couple of weeks :\ So now, the shopaholic in me is going to be put back into her cage ... for a little while anyway :) I have something special on the last weekend of June that I have to pay for - but more on that later ...

I couldn't resist when I saw this Luxe Ensemble Midi Dress by Queen's Wardrobe. I mean, come on, it's got pockets - who can say no to pockets?! My pink dress that you can see [here] has a stain so I want to replace it (even though, knowing the hoarder in me won't be able to throw it out :\) This one is a perfect replacement!

My rule with buying is basically, don't spend over $100 on any item. I sometimes will go a little over on special purchases *coughthiscough* but only on rare occasions. I believe that you don't have to spend a lot to look like a million dollars. But it also keeps the saver and shopaholic sides of me happy :)


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