Monday, 11 June 2012

NEW: Side Dip Tank by Bardot

Looking at this photos makes me realise how badly my house is falling to pieces :\ You can see the scratch under my window where the cat likes to reach up to annoy me for food or attention. You can see the window stickers from my youth that have melted and are forever stuck on there. And I'm sure if you look hard enough, you'll be able to see the tears in my curtains too. Oh the luxuries lol.

But I forgot to say that a couple of weeks ago I bought this Side Dip Tank by Bardot. I've worn it so many times that it doesn't even feel new anymore. I'm pretty sure every time I've worn it someone has complimented me so it was definitely a good buy from that perspective :) It's now sold out in stores but luckily, I found one hidden in Myer.

Happy Queen's Birthday holiday to all the Aussies (minus WA, I think) today! Yesterday I went out for my friend's birthday and saw a lovely French film. So it's been a nice weekend.

My wish list at the moment is a bit long so hopefully I'll have a NEW post soon.


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