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EVENT: Oz Comic Con 2012

Yesterday I attended Oz Comic Con. Apparently it has nothing to do with the actual Comic Con - they simply stole the name or something like that. I tell myself every time that I'm not going to go to these things because I never truly enjoy myself but then they announce a big name and I simply can't resist! This year it was show-business royalty, Sir Patrick Stewart (I mean, COME ON, who can say no to him?!) My father raised my sister and I on Star Trek and, even though neither of us can remember a single episode, we still have this secret love for him that we can't explain. A lot of people were there to see Stan Lee but I had no interest in him simply because I don't know much about him.

So just like Supanova, I dragged myself out of bed at 6am (well 6.20 by the time I felt somewhat motivated) and left my house before 7am to catch the train into the city. I had heard such terrible things about the event so my excitement to go was very low. I expected big crowds and queues but the feedback from Saturday was something that I wasn't expecting - so I was hoping that Sunday would be an improvement.

VERY VERY text heavy!

Details regarding Patrick Stewart, Daniel Stewart, Jason Momoa, Corin Nemec, Mitch Pileggi, Sharon Taylor, Armin Shimerman, Max Grodenchik and Hudson Leick under the cut :)

>>> I'm sure there are parts/questions I've missed/forgotten but I've tried my best. 

I met my friend at the station and we headed to the event. After standing in the wrong line (which was HUGE!) for five minutes, we moved to our correct line (luckily, the smaller line :)) and waited until we could go through the doors. It felt like a short hour wait once we were finally allowed inside.

I am always set on a schedule when I attend these things because that's the way to do it. There's no time to relax when you want to see everything that you set out to see so I had planned the whole day. Upon arriving, we went straight to the token line. We entered at 9am and didn't have any Q&As until 11am so we didn't care how long we had to wait as long as it was under two hours. We were in the line for about an hour and luckily photo tokens for Sir Patrick Stewart were still available. I, of course, purchased one ($60, what a rip off! but a once in a lifetime experience so I had no problem paying it) and a photo with Corin Nemec.
^ for the record, that's not my hand. I took the photo - my friend held the tickets :)

After buying our tokens, we went straight to line up in Patrick's photo line. As his photos didn't begin until 10.30, we knew we had a bit of a wait but we were still hoping that we'd be done before 11am for our first Q&A.

I had my photo taken with Patrick at around 10.45. We were told that we weren't allowed to kiss him or shake his hand because he had arthritis - which was fair enough. I thought I would be rushed in and out because of the long queues but I was glad to get a moment to actually talk to him. I walked in and said, 'I just wanted to say that Masterminds was one of mine and my sister's favourite movies when we were growing up and I still have it on video'. He looked at me and said, 'Masterminds .... *pause* that was a good movie, wasn't it?' And then we had our photo taken. It was really short but I was amazed at my ability to speak anything in the presence of such a legend. I adore you, Patrick! His arm was around me in the photo so there was some kind of touching at least lol. He's very stoic and polite and I love that he's not very tall.


We then headed over to the stage area for Jason Momoa's Q&A. Jason is an amazingly tall actor who was born more gorgeous than any man should be. Period.

Jason spoke about what the tattoo on his arm mean. It's a family tradition where all (maybe just the men? not too sure) get those tattoos on their left arm. They are shark teeth and meant to mean that you're bringing the darkness out of your body and light in or something like that. He was asked to do the Hakka (sp) but he said he couldn't because he'd have to kill us all. He said that it's a big event when it's done and it's a whole process.

He mentioned that he wasn't satisfied with the ending of Stargate Atlantis (SGA) and how he wished that it would have run another season. He said it was pretty lame that all they do is end up in San Fransisco. He wanted to explore Ronan's dark side - to be captured by the wraith and be in a situation where John couldn't help him even though he would want to. He wanted Ronan to shave his dreads and go all moody.

He mentioned that he was a fan of Rugby (the All Blacks?! Is that Rugby?) and how he liked that it's country vs country, not just state/town vs state vs town like in America. He mentioned something about there being great pride in country sports or something like that ... He said that Australians are sore losers because we never lose.

He was asked his favourite fight scene. His reply was the one he just shot with Sylvester Stallone. The movie isn't out yet so he didn't want to spoil anything. But it's the two of them fighting with axes. I can't remember the name of the movie but it's not the Expendables 2, no. He also spoke about a movie he wrote and acted in. He read an article about rape and so in the movie, his character's mother gets raped and the man swears revenge and is on the run because of it. He said that they were going to maybe submit it to Sundance.

He spoke a little about learning the dialect for Game of Thrones as it didn't make sense for his character to speak English. He said he doesn't speak English very well so he drank beer, ate pizza and locked himself in a room to learn the words. He spoke a little bit of it - something nice and a battle cry or something (I don't watch the show so I don't know). (He also spoke a little Hawaiian too) He also spoke about his character not having any dialogue in the first episode so he had to base his acting purely around his body language which he found somewhat difficult to do at first.
His favourite character is the bad kid because he's so sweet on set but his performance is amazing. And he said if he could be another character, he'd love to be the pimp who Peter Dinkage plays - to which, he liked until he was killed. I think he said that he doesn't watch the show anymore either because his character was killed off. Also his hardest scenes to film were the rape scenes because the actress is like his little sister so it was hard for him to do when she was crying and he had to act like he was enjoying himself. He said there were many hugs and kisses afterwards. He said some funny line about 'just raping a chick and then going out for tea and scones afterwards' It was really funny! But it was hard for him to film. But it's been his favourite character to play so far - he's never played a king and it's so far from himself - also not a rapist. He also put on a lot of fat for the character having just gained muscle for Conan so he said that he was HUGE!

His celebrity crush is his wife - he said that that was the safe answer. He didn't do any research into Atlantis mythology because he figured Ronan wouldn't know anything so it was true to character. His favourite place to surf is his hometown beach in Hawaii. Someone asked if he washed his hair, and he said yes of course and did when he had dreads too.

He said that there would not be a sequel to Conan because no one watched it. He said that fans of SGA come up to him all the time and say that they are going to see the movie one day and he's like 'thanks. that's no help now!' There's not going to be an SGA movie either.

He also told the story about mooning David Hewlett from inside Joe's car. The story is on you tube so fans would have heard it already. But I loved hearing that David is a bit of a prude and Jason 'was showing him what [he] had for lunch'. I <3 David! I would have loved to hear more David stories - or the fan girl in me would anyway :)

He was asked who would win a fight between Conan and his character in Game of Thrones and he said that they'd fight and then Ronan would come in and shoot them both. He wasn't nervous about replacing Arnie as Conan because they are two different Conan's. He spoke about how Ronan's gun was not fun to shoot because there's no laser in it so he just points it and that's it. At least the others guns shoot.

He spoke of how his biggest fan moment was being in an elevator with Tom Waits. He was too nervous to speak but he had a big silly grin on his face. He said that he'd love to do a kid's movie so that his kid (kids?) could watch something he was in. He said it all puts food on the table.

Some guy asked if he likes to get into his wife's makeup. Jason didn't know how to answer that except for no. He said that after filming Game of Thrones, he'd walk around town with all the heavy eye liner on and people on the street would think he was a drag queen - this was before the show aired. He also spoke about living in South Australia and how he loved it. He did some great Australian accent impressions too. He said that he wasn't very excited to come over to Australia because there was no landmarks that he really cared to see but he instantly fell in love with the place.

Jason screamed on the mic for the next room to shut up. He also apologised a LOT for all his swearing!

My favourite favourite question was 'Jason, how are you so dreamy and can I get a hug?' It was from Mitch Pileggi. So funny! Jason said something about loving that man!


We had to leave Jason's Q&A early (photo ops with Corin were between 11.30-12) so we left at 11.45 - the latest we could to safely not miss out on seeing Corin. We headed straight over to the photo booth. There was no one waiting so I was able to go straight through.

I peered around the corner and Corin was sitting relaxing on a chair in the corner - bored or not, I'm not sure. He said I looked lovely and I said that I felt out of place because I wasn't dressed in costume. (in hindsight, I would have said something better, but hey, I was nervous). I'm not sure if he hugged me then or what. We got our photo taken and his arms slid around me in a full on hug in the photo - which I wasn't expecting at all! So I hugged back.

It's very hard for your brain to work when he just smiles at you and just constantly holds your hand - so I'm sure I sounded quite the fool. He's very tall (he said 6'). I said I was in heels and still short. I said that I had a list of questions I wanted to ask but I'd totally forgotten and he said, 'that you wanted a hug?' I said sure and we hugged. I said that I guess not many people were waiting for him but he said that I was the last because most people had come and gone - I explained that it was because I'd been with Jason and then rushed over.
I then asked if he preferred Stargate or Supernatural (he said no deference). I asked if anyone had ever gone running after seeing him on the street and mistaking him for a serial killer. He said no but that would be so funny. I can hardly remember what we spoke about. I mentioned my love for David Hewlett but he couldn't remember much about him just that he was nice, he guessed.


After the photo op we Corin, we headed straight to our next Q&A with Hudson Leick.

I had decided that I wasn't going to ask her a question but there wasn't many people there so I decided that I would after all. I was so unbelievably nervous! I have a real hatred when people ask actors about other actors because I feel like it's not the right thing to do - but funny enough, that's exactly what my question was anyway. I asked (probably less eloquently), 'Kevin Smith was such a huge part of the Xena and Hercules franchise, what impact did his death have on the cast and crew? And did the cast and crew do anything for him in memorial?' which Hudson replied was a great question, so yay me! She said how he was just a lovely caring and giving man. She said that she had been filming at the time when they all heard that he had passed (it had been in a coma but they didn't know until afterwards). She said that the cast didn't do much in his memorial but they did raise money for his wife. Hudson kissed six men for $1000 each as a donation. She said it was a sad sad day. The room was so silent and there was sadness in the air - sorry about that. Another woman stood up after me and said that she was going to ask about Kevin but as it had already been asked - she pointed at me - she asked if she knew that there was a Hudson's Coffee place here. She said that it couldn't possibly be better than Starbucks.

There was two Americans in the audience so she did a bit of a Jersey accent and they spoke a little about Jersey Shore. She would ask everybody their name and say it back very cutely. (She wanted a chi from Jai)
She was lovely. She spoke a little about her love for yoga, religion (it was a touchy subject), her favourite holiday is Christmas because of presents - she somewhat likes Thanksgiving but she doesn't like turkey, gravy or the cranberry jelly stuff, she only likes the mashed potato. The weirdest thing she's ever signed is a breast. She's had two people get tattoos of her autograph on them and one guy had a large picture of Callisto tattooed on his leg. She loves her coffee and she loves Starbucks. She was wired on coffee.

She said that she hadn't seen the last episode of Xena but she heard that she gets beheaded. She mentioned that Lucy Lawless is married to the producer (??) so it was his decision to chop of her head! She said that Callisto would have loved it but Hudson liked that the TV show was wrapped up. There was talk of a Callisto spin off but it didn't happen because there was nowhere to go with it.
She said that she liked Australia and was able to go to the zoo and she'd seen the 'koala bees' aka koalas and wallabies. She'd also seen a wombat, which is her nickname even though she'd never seen one until now and she doesn't look she looks like a wombat except maybe she has their energy (something like that?). She said that Australians are very polite because none of us know each other.
She also spoke of her love for New Zealand and how she lived in a bed and breakfast in Ponsby Bay (sp?). She said that it's in her contract that when she goes to Argentina, a local will come and cook her a home cooked meal so she was experience part of the culture. She does that often when she's travelling.

She asked a question into the audience and she said 'sorry, am I interrupting your conversation' to two people near the front. They said that they liked her boots and she said that they were 'great, aren't they?'

She said that she always wanted to do stunts like flips and stuff but she was never allowed. Kevin Sorbo wouldn't care and he'd do it anyway. She also mentioned that she lied that she could ride horses. The horses don't stop on their mark and yet you still have to look fierce and like you're going into battle. She said her scariest fan moment was a guy who would send her scary and threatening letters every day. She said she never saw any of them because they were handed over to the police by her agent before she even knew about them. 

She is also a big fan of Game of Thrones and her favourite character is the king boy (once again, I don't watch it) because you love to hate him. She'll be sad when/if they kill him off.  She spoke about how Americans and Australians are so different. She said that her humour doesn't translate well over here and how she's funny elsewhere.

At the end of the panel, she did a famous Xena cry. It was so loud, long and amazing! I wish I knew if other panels had heard it and what they thought was going on. But I'll never know ...


After Hudson's Q&A we went straight to Mitch Pileggi's Q&A.

Some guy asked him what was his favourite and least favourite characters to play. He said that he hated his character on Supernatural because he couldn't understand the character except that he wanted his daughter back. He then asked if anyone could follow the storyline and if they could explain it to him (FYI I hate season 6). He spoke about how he met his wife on the set of The X-Files. She was Gillian's stand-in, I believe. He saw her, said he'd marry her and did later on.

He said that he started going bald at 20. He lived in Turkey (?) before the US. He's currently working on a show where he's a cowboy and he feels like he's come full circle from his Texan days.

He was asked about his experiences working on Stargate Atlantis. He spoke about how Jason threw him up against the wall when he thought that he was a gou'ald (sp? I'm not an SG1 fan) almost 'breaking his back'. He said that his character had an odd day and that's how he was taken over.
He also said it was cool that he had a space ship. He would question the way he sat and referenced William Shatner. He said that it was argued that his character would never lie back in his seat with his legs crossed but he said 'Shatner would do it!'. He mentioned that in one scene, when he was in the haz-mat (sp) suit that the crotch part kept sticking up but it was definitely the material! He also spoke about a scene he did with Amanda Tapping that was cut because it was almost like he was trying to hit on her.

Mitch spoke about his preparation for a character and he pretty much just said that he reads the script and then tries to make it believable. Tries to find the motivation and history behind the character and all that as much as possible.

He spoke of a urinary infection after filming Grey's Anatomy - which he said that he didn't have to tell us that. He said that he had taken his daughter to a showing of the second X-Files movie in which it was a surprise that he'd be in it. The audience went crazy and applauded when he appeared and it was so nice to have his daughter see how loved he was. He also said that his daughter watches Supernatural for Jared and Jensen lol.

My favourite question was, 'what was it like working with Jared and Jensen?' to which he joked, 'Aren't they just dreamy?!' Twas hilarious!


After Mitch's Q&A we joined the HUGE queue for Patrick and Daniel Stewart's Q&A. We missed the start (only a minute or two) because the line was all over the place! It was packed.

I had no idea who Daniel was but he was so funny! I instantly liked him and I liked the banter between him and 'Dad'. Patrick said his favourite X-Men characters were Storm ... Jean Grey, whoever Anna Paquin played ... the chick in blue played by Rebecca Stamos ... all the women.

Patrick asked if anyone had seen Ted (the movie) yet. He was disappointed with the results (but as Daniel explained, it just came out two days ago and no one had seen it because they'd been "here" meaning Comic Con). Patrick said he was in it. He spoke a little about his voice over work. He liked that he shocks people with his work in Family Guy and Extras with Ricky Gevais. He said that they had to film Patrick's close ups without Ricky in the room because he kept laughing so they couldn't do the scene. Patrick said he's heard that he's always doing that with other actors too.It was hard to hear all of that conversation but he enjoys doing it. He also said that he was honoured to be asked to do a voice role on The Simpsons.

He'd never seen Star Trek before he signed on to do it. He would come home between the matinee and evening shows when he was doing theatre so he could tuck his kids in bed and Daniel would be watching Star Trek. He was asked how he'd like his character to end - aka die, retire etc etc. Daniel said him wrapped in pink tissue paper. Patrick said that his character is already over but he'd like him to die in the arms of some (can't remember the Star Trek's character's name - sorry!) wrapped in pink tissue paper.

I'm unsure why - but Daniel has some problem with Natalie Portman. I missed the beginning so maybe it was mentioned then but it was a running gag throughout. A fan asked a Star Trek question which was like 'how many lights can you see?' Daniel didn't get it. I didn't get it. I think the answer was four? but I'm unsure. I guess you had to be a fan.

He spoke a little about how Mel Gibson was a little hit and miss. Sometimes he'd be ready to do his lines and other times he would make everybody wait. He was surprised to hear that Mel is not actually Australian. Something was mentioned how he'd lied and Daniel said that he was actually born in New York.

Patrick spoke about how he felt when he was knighted. He had a little time to kill before going on stage and found this brown envelope on the table. He wanted to run to set and tell everybody how the letter said that he would be knighted but he couldn't.

Patrick spoke about his love for the theatre and what his favourite roles have been. He spoke about being in one (can't remember which one but there's a brother ghost in it) and how he wanted to play both the man guy and the brother. He begged to play the character - it was funny, but you had to be there.

A guy in a Spiderman costume asked if they both miss having hair. Patrick said that he found it odd that that was an acceptable question when asking about any other body part wouldn't be allowed. They both didn't miss hair. Daniel said he spends two minutes in the shower where his wife spends so long having to wash her hair. Patrick said that they have perfect heads for wigs so it's never a problem. Daniel said it's sexy, lol.

Patrick said that he loved Australia - in particular, Melbourne. Daniel also too. He said that it's like all the English come over to Australia and then relaxed and became happy. They were convicts but they became happy lol. They spoke about having a mini petting zoo backstage - Daniel held a dingo, koala (everyone goes aww when you mention the koalas) and something I'd never heard of. Patrick held an owl - there was talk of owls but I don't remember what it was.

After every question, Patrick would yell "where's the microphone?!" and Daniel 'played MC' and would say "next!". Patrick got a little distracted by the music playing next door and didn't understand why there was music playing.


After the Q&A came the dreaded one hour gap with nothing to do. If you're not into any merchandise, games or costumes, cons are incredibly boring! (hence why at Supanova, I did everything I needed to do in three hours and then got the hell out of there!) We wandered around for a little bit. The only highlight was seeing the car from Supernatural (doubt it's the real one) which I took photos of for a friend because I don't really care about the car </SPN fans would probably kill me for saying so>

I snuck so photos of Willow Shields from The Hunger Games - and if I hadn't been greedy and just stopped after her, I probably would have gotten away with it but I was rudely told to delete them by some bitch working there. I know I was in the wrong but still boo to her!

We ended up sitting in the Q&A for Armin Shimerman and Max Grodenchik for ten minutes which was incredibly boring because neither of us knew who either of them were. Still don't, in fact. One of them did a voice in Ratchet and Clank and the other did some rap about not being an idiot. The Ratchet guy also recited some Shakespeare which I couldn't hear and some lady asked him about the economy - bore! We ended up leaving and waiting in line for our next Q&A - which in hindsight, we should have done first because the line was bigger than we expected.


When we got in for Corin Nemec and Sharon Taylor's Q&A we had to sit on the floor.

In the photo above, Corin was throwing some pen (I think?). It was some freebie that the MC guy said that he'd give out. He said he wasn't a good shot so he got Corin to throw it instead - but his throw was terrible!

There was loud music playing next door and Corin asked if they were performing Annie next door.
It was brought up how Corin used to be known as Corky. He explained the nickname. They both spoke about how they got into acting. Corin, the Goonies. Sharon, high school and plays. Corin went out and got his first audition when he was young. Sharon was lucky and did a lot too. So when they both decided to be actors, they went out and did it pretty much straight away.

They talked about pranks they've played. Sharon was asked to pull down Jason's pants in a scene but Jason caught her mid pull so the prank failed. Corin said nothing had happened on set. But his friend had been on a date not too long ago so he (and I think a friend) put sea salt and oil on the toilet seat. So when he came home with her and went to the bathroom, he sat down with all this stuff everywhere and had to have a shower straight away leaving the girl alone thinking wtf. They later got into bed and all these books were in spread out in the bed. Amazingly enough, he got a second date. He also spoke about having cling wrapped a friend's door. And also, sitting next to his friend's bed with a mask on. He rang his friend's phone and when he turned to answer it, Corin would rise from the darkness and scare him.

Corin spoke a little about filming the underwater scene in Stargate and how he held his breath for so long despite being a smoker. Corin spoke about how he felt when Daniel came back. It was all done without him and he understood that the network wanted the original team together. There was also talks about Jonas, his character, joining SGA but the show was pushed back too so it didn't happen.

They spoke about working with a green screen which they said wasn't so bad because often when you audition, there's just you and others in a room playing make believe. So it is very similar to that in a way.

I had promised Corin that I would ask him a question. I wanted to chicken out but due to a lack of questions, I thought that I may as well. I'm not sure if he remembered me or not. I have no clue. I asked him if he knew all the words to Beer for My Horses ('no' - 'that's what I thought you'd say') and that I'd read that he pitched a lot of story ideas for Jonas so I was wondering if he remembered any. He said he did about a tomb in the desert or something and the grand canyon. He said that the actors were told that they were allowed to pitch story ideas so he was in there every week with something new.

Some guy asked him that because Cheyenne Mountain (sp? the base where the Stargate was held on Earth) was all locked up if they thought that the Stargate program was no more. To which Corin said that you'd have to believe that it was real in the first place - and maybe they closed it up to keep the base hush hush. It was a silly question. It's a TV show.
Both Corin and Sharon said that maybe the reason that Stargate Universe (SGU) failed was because of the lack of tongue and cheek with the characters and that the appeal of Stargate was the ability to travel between worlds which SGU didn't have so much. Corin said when he watched it, the characters would be onscreen talking for like 20 minutes on the ship. Neither liked it (I never watched it and I don't care to).

Corin said that when he was in London, a guy asked if he'd like to see his new gun. Corin was freaked and called security. He also spoke about all the conventions (since 2003?) he's attended and how he likes to travel - conventions fit in well around his projects. He was at one convention and a man came up to him who looked very familiar and said that he was his 'half Uncle Jack' or something. He said that he had a lot of relatives because on one side of the family, someone married like seven men so he has a large side of the family with 'half-this' and 'half-that'.

Sharon said her weirdest questions have been - that some guy had asked her what her favourite cheese was (Cheddar) and what shampoo she used. Corin said it smelt like Mangoes. They mentioned it but I can't remember what it was. Sharon later said that no one has asked her about what conditioner she used lol. They both spoke about if they were somewhat nerdy. Corin said that he liked some elf stone books and still has his collection. I'm not sure what Sharon said ...

Sharon spoke about how she's amazed at some of the fan art she's seen. She's been creeped out by some fan fiction stories (especially that some are very filthy!) especially as you can't pick the people who write it. Both Corin and Sharon spoke about playing a demon on Supernatural and what it was like wearing the black contacts. Sharon didn't have to wear them but Corin did and they didn't bother him. They both just had to open their eyes wide when the transition would be done with the effects. They also mentioned that both the Stargate and Supernatural sets were very similar because they both came in around season 5 on both shows so they have both been established and had a following and were both very professional sets to be on.

Sharon spoke about having to do a modelling shoot in the middle of winter and she had to sit on some foam thing on the beach. She said that it was awkward - but I can't remember the whole conversation - sorry!

Corin spoke about all the "Z grade" movies that he's done. He likes to produce them so he can make them a little better because he knows how bad they are going to be. He also said that because the effects are so bad that maybe he'd laugh at the monster before screaming at it - just like 'that's it? that's the thing I'm supposed to be scarred of?' in reference to the bad graphics. He also spoke about how he's working on a bunch of different projects at the moment. He mentioned something with full frontal naked puppets. It's a show or movie about two puppets that solve crime in a human world. I can't remember much but that was one of the projects. His production company are also working on some animated stuff.

He mentioned his web-based show, Star-ving (I personally didn't find it funny but anyway) to which some woman behind me said 'that show is messed up' which made me laugh! But Corin said some of the naked scenes (he pointed to his crotch area and was like 'hiding this area') were embarrassing to film ... or maybe humiliating, not sure.

Corin said that he just got twitter (@imcorinnemec) but he's worried that he'll only have 38 followers so Sharon told all of us to follow him. Sharon said she didn't had a twitter but she would like to read others tweets even if she never posts herself.

The final question was if you had had a crush on a co-star. The two turned to each other and Corin said 'we're co-stars on stage right now' and laughed and the two left it at that. I would have liked to know the answer to the question though. I'm sure Sharon would have said Jason, because, who wouldn't fall for that man?!

After the Q&A - our last, thank God! - we headed to collect the photos. We found my Corin photo but my Patrick one was nowhere to be seen as they hadn't all been printed yet. We decided to kill time by getting Corin's autograph - as he was one of the last few there to sign - before going back to see if my photo had been printed.

I waited in line for Corin. I'm really unsure if he remembered me. I chose my photo that I wanted signed and he signed it - spelt my name right and all, amazingly (!) as that never happens! (He did think my name was Valerie first though). Anyway, I had nothing to say to him really. He asked how I was and I said 'fine thank you. How are you?' He replied. And then I froze. I said that I was going to get it signed for a friend but I decided to be selfish and get it signed for myself, to which he nodded and said nothing more. He said nothing but just smiled at me. I blabbed about something. And then he took my hand, shaked it and said goodbye.
After that, we headed straight back to the photo place and we finally found my photo with Sir Patrick and we were out of there! We were so over it and ready to go. It was such a beautiful night - despite the cold and rain. My train wasn't running all the way so I had to train it, bus it, then train it. It was a pain but I had my iPod and was in a good mood and luckily made it home in time to catch Masterchef Australia (yay Kylie!) - my secret pleasure :)

All up, it was a good day - not a great day - as I've said, conventions aren't my thing. Yes it was crowded and I am grateful that I was able to get inside and do everything I wanted to do. All up, we only had to wait in lines for 1.5 hours which is AMAZING! Mucho love to everyone involved and to all who came out.
And that's it. I might add more if I remember more. I try to remember as much (and as accurately) as possible always but hopefully someone puts some videos on you tube.


Please note: If you're wondering where my official photos/autograph is well you won't find them - ever. I always feel like they will end up on some fansite and god knows where else so I want to keep them as private as possible. But I adore my photo with Patrick so much! And all my friends are really jealous. I don't like my Corin photo as much - he looks lovely but me, a little NQR, but it's okay anyway :) My autograph is lovely. I'm not sure if he writes the same thing on everyone's but to me, it's very special :) Also my photos are small, yes, for the same reason - sorry!

Also, I'm saying this again. I'm not going to another convention unless David Hewlett is there. Period. Well I might be tempted by Michael Hurst or Sean Astin or others though :\ I'm so bad! lol. I hope you enjoyed my entry! x

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