Friday, 24 August 2012

LOVE: Amelia Wrap Coat by SABA

It's hard to think about anything other than jackets and coats today considering how unbelievably freezing cold and windy it is in Melbourne today. I want nothing more than to rug up under a blanket with my cats in front of the heater with the remote in my hand and not move for hours.

Sadly though, life kicks in, and that's not possible so I seek out a new coat like this Amelia Wrap Coat by SABA. The black and envy (as above) is only available in size 6 but the camel colour is still available and cheaper =D The collar makes is so versatile too - which you know I love!

I'm a bit of a coat fan ... if you can't tell. I own so many! I adore winter and everything about it!

I have a party tonight and then am heading to the airport. Have a good weekend everybody!


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