Friday, 19 October 2012

NEW: Magnitude Plait Ring by Ayako Kanari

I'm really into rings at the moment. I've never been much of a ring person until only recently. If you haven't noticed already, I always wear a gold ring on my middle finger on my left hand. It's a family heirloom, a wedding ring in fact, that I never take off - so I often find it hard to find rings to match. I think this Magnitude Plait Ring by Ayako Kanari via Boticca will be perfect. It's simple enough with just that little bit of quirky detail.

It also comes in black, rose gold and silver in case golden blonde isn't your colour :)

Last night, I attended my friend's The Body Shop party - wore my Wake up Ring by Selda Okutan. It was highly admired :-) I didn't purchase anything as I was highly disappointed with the gingerbread products. I did, however, win a prize ... but I cheated ... sort of lol - with permission from the party girl - so I guess that makes it okay, right? :\

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