Monday, 19 November 2012

HOME: Declutter, Dehoard and Design

I've been wanting to change up my walk-in-wardrobe for a while now and that meant making sure I had all the same coat hangers. I was sceptical but it makes all the difference. Things sit so much nicer and I can find what I'm looking for.

Anyway, I wanted to share the results and a bit of a look into my bedroom. I've always had an interest in design and my room has changed so much in the last couple of years. I'm a hoarder by nature but I'm getting a lot better - and I can only get better in 2013.



^ camis, shirts, tops and dresses

^ some reading material and my (favourite souvenir) HUGE London mug from Madame Tussuads.

^ I keep my cardigans and knit wear in this 'what is supposed to be used as' shoe rack.
Basics are in the drawers and Peter Alexander PJ's sit proudly on top - I have a big collection.
You can also see some shoe boxes and my Sass & Bide belt on the bottom right.

^ trench coats, jackets, jumpers, thick knitwear and blazers

^ all my black footwear - minus items in boxes and summer sandals. 

^ My other heels - the coloured ones - and boots
^ skirts, pants, jumpsuit and scarves
I have a lot more skirts but I haven't got all the same hangers for these yet so it looked a little messy -
the same goes for my shorts.

^ inspiration

^ I keep my lesser worn necklaces on the tree with some bracelets
Other bracelets are on the mini tree or in the jewellery box underneath
I keep my rings in an "ice cream" bowl on top of my Tara Wolf bracelet

^ my computer - I also have a laptop for business - and some TV DVDs
Yes, I'm a nerd at heart. The only complete box sets I own are Hercules and Stargate Atlantis.
One the to left near the photo, you can see the Harry Potter pygmy puff a friend made for me.
I also love Magic Eye - hence the framed photo above - I can see what it is in the photo.
I also love flowers and have a lot around my room =D

^ my lovely TV - which I love and adore but don't watch enough

^ my Mr P lamp - his name is Hal. It's a short story.

^ I keep my most worn necklace on this Wall Scone (from Dusk)
I have a lot of earrings and my earring holder below is not enough to not it all
The egg is a lamp which changes colours
You can see my origami flowers by Short Story

^ there's blu tac to keep the M up. I will fix it someday.

^ I don't own a lot of DVDs - some of these aren't mine - but they are organised.
They go box sets - movies A-Z - music - and then TV shows.
^ I bought these hedgehog magnets when I was in Sydney.
They were so expensive but worth it!

^ Light up flowers by Short Story. I've shown them before on this blog =D
^ the table beside my bed. Another lamp, yes you see.
I reuse the same tissue box - I just refill the box - as I love the rose pattern on it.
My diary sits beside me plus my reading material - at the moment it's Gordon Ramsay's Humble Pie.
I also keep my magazines nearby. Plus writing material to jot down notes and things.

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