Friday, 3 October 2014

BLOG: Getting To Know You - er Me.

I haven't done one of these in a while so I thought I would do a bit of a random update.
Feel free to read if you have some spare time and are super bored! =P

Birthday - November 15
Birthplace - Melbourne, Australia
Eye Colour - Light Brown
Hair Colour - Brown
Height - 5'3
Right, or Left-handed? - Right
My worst habit – I don't really know ...
Zodiac sign - Scorpio
Parents still together - Yes.
Thoughts when first waking up - What's the time?
Your bedtime - Depends on the day. Can range between 10pm-2am

Favourite colour(s) – Green
Sport(s) – Haha!
Animal(s) - Alligator
Store(s) – Mango/MNG.
Movies – Dance Til Dawn.
Song(s) – 'I'll Be' by Edwin McCain - and many other classic songs.
Number - 11.
Gum - I don't eat/like gum.
Holiday - Christmas.
Season – Winter.
Toothpaste flavour - Mint.
Perfume/cologne - My favourite smells like Jellybeans.
Body part on the opposite sex - Smile.

Let's walk on the - wild side!
Let's look at the - stars.
What a nice - night.
Why can't we - all get along?
I wish – that everyone would mind their own business.
Everyone has - problems of their own.

Been to juvie - No.
Mooned someone – No.
Ran away from home – Many times.
Skipped school - Yes.
Slept outside - Yes.
Laughed so hard you cried - Yes.
Cried in school - Yes.
Wanted to be a model – Probably.
Done something really stupid that you still laugh at today - I went to the door and the delivery man thought he woke me up. I don't know if that's funny, sad or stupid.
Seen a dead body – No.
Eaten sushi - Yes.
Been on stage - Yes.
Gone skinny dipping - No.

Swear – Rarely. Sometimes when I'm super angry at the world.
Sing Well - I have been told that I am. I have won a competition before. So I guess I am.
Shower daily - Yes.
Want to go to college - Yes.
Want to get married - Someday.
Believe in yourself - Usually.
Get motion sickness - No.
Think you are attractive – I think I'm okay.
Get along with your parents – Sometimes.
Like thunderstorms - I'm indifferent.
Play an instrument - Recorder.
Own an iPod – I own two. Neither I bought.
Keep a journal/diary - Yes.
Dance in the rain - No. Always wanted to and will one day.
Sing in the shower – No.

Do the splits – No.
Write with both hands - No.
Whistle – No.
Blow a bubble - No.
Roll your tongue in a circle - Yes.
Cross your eyes - Yes.
Walk with your toes curled in - Yes.
Touch your nose with your tongue - No.
Dance – Not well.

Time you laughed – Yesterday.
Time you cried – Last week.
Movie you watched - Sorority Boys (Michael Rosenbaum is oh so pretty!)
Flavor of gum you chewed – Probably Strawberry.
Song you've sung - In The Air Tonight by Hayden Tee.

Where are you – My bedroom.
What can you see out your window?- Yes.
Do you miss anyone? - Many. Many. Many.
Are you listening to music - Yes. Alibis by Marianas Trench.
What are you wearing – A purple maxi dress with black tshirt.
What's on your mousepad – It is plain black ... with some cat fur on it :\

Do you believe there is life on other planets - Yes.
Do you believe in miracles - Yes.
Magic - Yes.
Love at first sight - Yes.
God - I'm indifferent.
Ghosts - Yes.
Santa – Yes.

Favourite eye color - Green.
Favourite hair color - Brown.
Personality Trait - Charisma.
Short or long hair – I'm partial to long but short is okay.
Height – Taller than me - so 5'6, 5'7 is good..

What country would you most like to visit - New Zealand.
Number of CD's you own – Oh so many.
Your good luck charm – I don't really have one.
How many pillows do you sleep with - One to four.
Do you drink milk - No.
How many rings until you answer the phone - I try to avoid answering the phone.
If you could travel into space, where would you go? - I don't know if I would go.
What is the worst weather – Sun. Sun. Sun.

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