Tuesday, 30 June 2015

EVENT: St Trinians Cosplay


So last weekend was OZ Comic Con Melbourne. I actually was in a bad mood for it because of some detailed that happened prior to the weekend. I'm not going to go into them but sad to say that I almost didn't feel like sharing any details from the weekend but it's what I love to do so I have and now I bring you my cosplay costume.

If you look back at my past posts, you can see the progress leading up to this costume.
More under the cut!


So first let's start with how much it cost me to make this bad boy!
  • Hat (details here)
  • Cardigan $30 (here
  • Skirt $16 (here
  • Shirt $12 - Kmart
  • Sleeve $5 - opshop
  • Bras - mine, borrowed and Kmart $9
  • Belt - owned
  • Bracelets - Jay Jays and eQuip
  • Tights $8 - Big W
  • Socks $4 - ebay
  • Tie $7 - ebay
  • Necklace $8 for beads - Spotlight
  • Shoes - owned
  • Dreads took 3 hours and were lovely done by my blog-pal Natalie from Extra Large As Life
This cosplay was made with a lot of love and care for details. I watched St Trinians 2 SO many times! Oh, by the way, my character's name is Daisy (played by Daisy Tonge). She is blonde but I didn't want to wear a wig or dye my hair so I stuck with my own hair and just was Daisy if she'd dyed her hair, I guess.

Both the hat and skirt took a LOT of trial and error. The skirt didn't work so many times and in the end I had to sew extra cotton into the skirt to give it more support and structure. On the day, I wore it with a trench coat and my butt looked huge but not only that, I felt like one of those shady old guys who sell watches from their trench except I could have sold bras. That was me lol. The shady old girl selling bras =P

 The main thing I wanted with this costume was to be able to keep the pieces I wanted to wear again. The cardigan, skirt, shirt and tights can all easily fit into my day-to-day wardrobe - hence why I decided to buy all the pieces instead of making them. Also the bracelets I LOVE and have worn them already out of costume. 

I received many weird looks but that's okay. I expected that =P I hope you all like the way it came out!


Here's the back of the look. The belt didn't fit me - well it did but didn't have the loose look I was going for so I had to use wool to make it longer. You can vaguely see it in this photo. But that's the bra skirt from the back anyway. It took a lot of HARD work to make it look like that!


This is a photo of the group of us - a geek, a posh totty, Kelly and an eco.
Our emo and Annabel had to pull out so it was only the four of us :\


So here's a close up photo of the outfit details. Note the necklace, belt, sleeve and hat. 
Those are the small details that took it from student to eco =D

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