Monday, 28 November 2016

EVENT: First Communion

So I just recently received an invitation in the mail to my friend's kid's communion. I had known about it for quite a while, but thought maybe if I forgot about it it'll just go away. Being one of the god mothers (and apparently the one with the best fashion sense) it falls to me to find the perfect dress for the occasion. It is a compliment but at the same time - I have no idea what one wears to a communion, let alone what the little miss is meant to wear. So I started googling first holy communion dresses, girls communion dresses
and white communion dresses and was really impressed with the selection at Aisle Style.

But I need your help - which dress do you like best?




Thanks for your help everybody!


I'm also really excited because they also sell special occasion dresses. And you know me, if I have a new event to go to - I naturally want a new dress too. That being said, I don't actually own anything fancy enough for the events I usually attend. You know when an event is listed as formal, so you chuck on a short dress with some sparkles and glitz and hope they don't realise that you're kind of dating the formal fashion rules?

So basically, my story is - I need a long dress. Something fancy but also something not that fancy that I look like a walking mirror ball. But hey, one stone, right? Why not save on postage and order something together? That's the thinking anyway ... I want something that I can wear to a wedding, an event party and also a red carpet do ... I'm enjoying the search!



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