Sunday, 26 February 2017

LOVE: by Stylewe

If you've been following my tweets, you may have noticed that I've been looking for something to wear recently - I can't tell you exactly what it is for because there's actually a few super secret events I have coming up. But any who, I'm looking for the perfect outfit to wear to one or not all of these events.

I'm been checking the usual sites and everything is either too short or too revealing. I mean, not all of us wants people to be able to see what we've had for lunch when we sit down ... if you know what I mean?! It sometimes is hard to find a medium between what is work appropriate and what you can still have a bit of fun in and what you'll feel comfortable in. So I'm looking at a few different options on some new websites I've recently discovered, because there's honestly nothing I like in the shops these days. NOTHING. Okay, hardly nothing ... but like maybe 0.1% out of my price range!

First off, I'm looking at something like this Sexy White Party Dress. I like that it has that little bit of sex appeal but it's also quite covered and appropriate for work functions. And yet, I could totally bling it up a little and wear it out to a party. I'm not usually one for lace but I think the lace is really pretty and the sleeves too. It's a good contender.

Secondly, I've been thinking of maybe a romper/playsuit kind of thing, like these rompers for sale. I think they are really versitile too. I mean, I could wear this with a blazer and it would be office appropriate - I go to some really funky events, and that would be so appropriate to wear. But yet, then I could also take it to the beach or shopping or anything really.

Thirdly, I'm thinking something like this Royal Blue Party Dress. It's a bodycon but the neckline is just so interesting. I could also wear it with a blazer to events but I could also wear it on the red carpet or to a party. So it's also a good contender.

All three are so different yet all are appropriate for many events I have coming up. I'm just not sure what I should do. My first event is in April so I kind of have to make up my mind quite quickly ... so, opinions are appreciated, PLEASE!



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