Tuesday, 31 October 2017

NEW: Sunglasses from Optically


I've had the same pair of sunglasses for nine years. One pair. Nine years. That's crazy talk you say, especially in the age of fast fashion! But it's true; I've worn the same pair for sunglasses since 2008. They were custom picked for me in a little sunglasses shop in Venice, Italy for a hefty price tag. 

The glasses nowadays are looking a bit weathered and the case doesn't close anymore so when Optically offered to send me a new pair, I jumped on the offer!

I opted for these textured matte-black Munich 3298 C1 frames - which retail for $59 AU. I don't wear any glasses apart from sunglasses - which I live in! - so maybe I'm a little naive or unfamiliar with styles of glasses but I was drawn to its (what I think is) unique texture. It was difficult to pick a style. Optically have so many different styles and colours to suit all needs from an affordable $19.

But don't let the price fool you! I'm all for a bargain, but it's not a bargain if the quality is of major suckage and you have to buy a replacement every month - because that'll add up quickly! Considering the quality, the sunglasses are a steal and hopefully I won't have to update again for another nine years (although I am tempted even now to order another pair because there's seriously so many styles I like! Sometimes it sucks being a minimalist!) I've been wearing my Optically frames every day since I got them!

What really surprised me was the case the sunglasses came in. Often when you buy sunglasses online, they arrive in a plastic slip which often leaves the sunglasses bent out of shape and/or broken. But my sunglasses arrived in the high-quality triangle case you see below with a micro-fiber cloth, and bubble wrapped to ensure they arrived in a perfect condition.

One of the drawbacks of buying online is having to pay for the item only to get it home and not like it; and the process of sending it back and waiting for a refund is so tedious and annoying that you never buy from them again because of it! What makes Optically so easy is not having to put up with that - you can pick up to four frames to try on at home with no obligations and free returns. Seriously, how cool is that?! They also offer a 90 day returns policy and secure payment options including PayPal, Visa and Mastercard.

Specialising in prescription sunglasses, Optically have options for mens, womens glasses and designer glasses as well. With customer service, delivery and product much better than I thought it would be; I cannot fault them. If you're looking for Glasses Online, especially in Australia I highly recommend you check them out!


I went to a wedding this weekend just past. I wore my Ballari Dress with my Optically sunglasses, Delicata Ballet Flats and Kiss Studs by Country Road. Funny coincidence though, a friend of mine at the wedding who works at Specsavers admired my sunglasses and commented on how high-quality they are! He thought they were bifocals (they aren't) but Optically do that for an extra cost.

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