Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Koogal: An Honest Review

A little while I came across an online fashion website called Koogal. I checked the online reviews and socials to make sure the website was legit and wasn't going to do anything nasty with my bank details. I usually don't order from websites if they have a no refunds/store credit only policy, but as the website is based in Australia, I thought I'd be okay with sizing. I ordered the Strapless Tied Up Mini Dress in Teal Gingham above in a size Large - usually I am a medium. The large had 12-14 in brackets beside it so I thought I'd best be safe - and if worst came to worst, I could return it for the smaller size. 

The website is user friendly, the dress arrived quite quickly and is of good quality. However, when I tried the dress on there was about a 10cm gap where I couldn't possibly do the zip up. To fit into this dress I would need to buy a size 20 or more just to get the zip up. When I emailed the company telling them this, they were polite and said I could return the dress (out of my own pocket) for store credit. I have emailed them twice since and have heard nothing. 

They have since removed the (12-14) in brackets from the listing (but still says 12-14 in the size guide). They did say the dress might run small, but nowhere does it actually say it on the website, nor amended to do so. Prompting me to assume they don't care about customer satisfaction, and only about the money, as they don't provide a refund on any of their garments.

DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! That is my warning to you!

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