Monday, 30 April 2012

EVENT: Chill On Ice Lounge and Ski Lodge

For my friend's 21st birthday, I bought her a voucher for the two of us for dinner and entry at the Chill On Ice Lounge and Ski Lodge in Southgate. And that's exactly what we did Saturday night. Details under the cut :)

Choosing an outfit to wear was the hardest. I tried on so many outfits but everything seemed too fancy or that I would be likely to freeze in the bar - but this is what I decided on. Tights would have looked so much nicer but leggings are warmer so I chose practicality over fashion - something I would never do normally but in -10 degree weather, I decided that it was the better option. The gold made it dressed up and I felt expensive lol.

blazer - sunnygirl via freez
gold top - t by bettina liano for myer
skirt/tshirt/leggings - supre
shoes - famous footwear
necklace/bracelet - diva

photo by Lynn H and myself
last photo is the official photo from Chill On.


Our deal included a full bottle of wine so we ordered our wine and our dishes. Jess and I got the same. We shared the Dips Board with a maillard of bread as our entree. The dips were okay. Luckily though, Jess and I preferred a dip each so we were able to have our own. There was a lot of bread though so it was a little hearty to begin our dinner with.

For main, we chose the Potato Pierogi {polish dumplings} pan seared in a sage butter. In hindsight, I probably should have gotten the vegetarian pasta but never mind. The dinner was usual. Jess said upon receiving it that it didn't look very appetising - and she was right. The potato pierogi was very nice - though we expected the sage butter to be drizzled on top, inside of actually in the crumbs. I wish there had been more of it though - the beetroot on the side was nice but we couldn't work out what the white stuff was although I think it was raw potatoes but am still unsure. Either way, we both decided to leave the mysterious white stuff on the plate.

We were given a complimentary watermelon something. The waiter spoke too fast but I enjoyed it. It was served in a glass made of ice. The whole thing was very tasty.

For dessert, we each chose the Chocolate Fondant with vanilla ice cream and blood orange curd. I was very tempted to get the Mixed Berry Pierogi with mango anglaise and candied pistachio - but as I'd had pierogi for main, I thought it was best to get something different. It was very very very yummy! :)

After dinner, we went to get our gear on. We were given big coats, gloves and ugg boots (I wanted to wear boots but, I knew beforehand, that, if you wear open toed shoes, they give you ugg boots instead) I've had a bit to drink so getting the shoes on was a bit of struggle. But we managed and went inside. I ordered a Vodka cocktail - might of been called Vodka Freeze but I'm not sure - it tasted very strong of orange - blood orange, I think - my memory is a little hazy. We looked around and waited in line to get our photo taken. At one stage we were lucky enough to be in there alone so we were able to get some really good shots. We stayed in for just under 30 minutes, before going outside, taking our gear off and heading to get our photos. We couldn't remember our photo numbers though so I'm afraid that our choices weren't as great but they turned out okay. This is our official photo below. My friend is blurred because I don't have permission to share the photo :)

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